A 21st Century Global Perspective

Asian Pacific American Studies analyzes immigrants and generations of their descendants from the continent of Asia and the Pacific Ocean, which includes over 50 nationalities represented in the United States. From surviving war, environmental disaster, and economic collapse, to leading technological and medical fields, APAs embody the dynamics of the 21st century. Given their diverse and complex relationships to the U.S. and other nations, studying APAs provides advanced insights into local, national, and global issues. Students gain essential perspectives and analytical tools for any career.

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APA Studies in general, and the Minor in particular, addresses four core research areas: Orientalism as articulated by Edward Said, immigration and diaspora studies, American international and domestic politics, and cultural and media studies. Faculty in the College of the Humanities and others across the university have expertise and major publications in these core research areas and already offer courses that address them. Core courses for the APA Studies Minor build knowledge of the research areas and emphasize their practical application. Moreover, the APA Studies Minor can bring the above theoretical frameworks together with the option of having an internship, Honors thesis topic, or another course with an APA-Studies-focused project count towards the Minor. 

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